Sunday, March 2

SNSD making their comeback. 4th Mini Album, Mr. Mr. [28.02.2014]

Finally, after waiting for so long time, Sone may now feeling soooooo excited about their lovely SNSD comeback! a big applause, wohooooo!

Basically, this is the 4th mini album from them, 'Mr. Mr.'. You guys should watch their official music video! Chek them out!

Girls' Generation 소녀시대_'Mr.Mr.'_Music Video

As I had started to become Sone since 2008, ecececeee, this is reallyyyyyyyyyyy something that I was waiting for, I am falling in love with all the tracklist from Mr. Mr. album.

So, what you're waiting for! Go purchase their album legally, or if you are not able to, please support them by making the number of views on their official MV increase from day to day! Oh yeahhh.

Girls' Generation

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