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Minggu Destini Siswa(MDS) 2013

Assalamualaikum and hi peeps

Well, as you guys and girls know, I just finished my orientation week a.k.a Minggu Destini Siswa(MDS) about almost one week ago, which is ended off during 8th June. Seriously, my experience in there such a big yet most memorable thing that happened to the part of my life.

I just don't have a lot of pictures during the MDS. On 1st June, my whole family, abah, ummi, kierah, wani and luqman had sent me to UiTM Kampus Jengka, Pahang. Oh My God! Early in the morning, umm no, I mean, since a few days before the registration day, I just kept on my mind, that I won't won't won't cry in front of ummi. I won't! And yes, I managed to, eventhough kinda feeling that my emotions went distracted sometimes. I don't know somehow. Urghhh.

Last night with my beloved family. Such a dramatic night view from le hotel at Temerloh, Pahang. As the hotels and homestays near to Jengka, have fulled already.

The day view when at first arrived UiTM Kampus Jengka. My registration day started here (:
Such lots of people. Parents came from all around Malaysia, just came here, accompanied their childs with such a big hopes, xoxo

Excited. Budak pipi chubby putih sepu. Haha :3

I met this cute girl, Byla. She was one of my roomates at UiTM Kampus Jengka, Pahang during the orientation. And now, she also be part of my roomates at UiTM Kampus Kuantan, which is located at Bukit Sekilau. For this year, the girls for Lawrian(s) and Teslian(s) are located at Bukit Sekilau.

Say hi to me, I'm a Law student btw, and hello to Byla comel, she's a TESL-ian student :)

During the MDS, we were been asked to wear tudung/veil that is black in colour, and have to be 'tudung bawal'. And, most of our activities, are required us to wear sport shoes 24/7 toughly. Till then, both of my foot, left feet was sprained during the MDS, my own carelessness actually.

Le' medicine T_T

The kaki that seems so pathetic. Haha

Yeayyy dapat air susu kotak dari abang and kakak OC yang baik hati selepas kaki dirawat ;)

Then, during the 2nd day of MDS, my right feet became blistered. It's okay, I'm a strong girl yaww. Haha. Then, as my condition for both of my foot not to be seems so good, I had to take a van as when I neede to walk away from one place to one place, as the distance was kinda too far away, you know what.

The van yang budak sakit naik. Tapi ramai je yang buat buat sakit sebab malas jalan. Kesian dekat budak yang betol betol sakit macam I -.-

From the main hall, Dewan Indera Segara(DIS) to the dining hall, from my estimation, maybe about 2 kilomitres? Yeah, fact. It just useless if after taking shower, then you have to walk for that long, then after reached at DIS, the sweating -,-

We all, 2,600+ students were at Dewan Indera Segara(DIS) at one time, please do imagine -..-

*I'm typing this entry late night, kinda feelin' damn damn sleepy. Sorry for gramatically errors, typos and so on. Chill guys, maybe will continue updating later.
Salam people :*

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